Friday, November 30, 2012

Persistent Addiction: A Problem That Grows

Studying addictions is a relatively new medical practice. Learning about how addictions work on the human mind has grown to a more popular practice because the insights we gain can also give us insights on how to better treat addiction.

One interesting insight that we have gained recently is that addiction constantly grow more severe, whether or not drugs are being ingested. This is beneficial information because it explains why a recovering addict -- with years of sobriety -- that relapses, plunges deeply back into the throes of addiction. 12 step treatment centers have now adopted this discovery into their treatment programs and it has become a very good deterrent from further drug use. In short, an addict that knows that a relapse will result in a wrenching, more devastating detox and rehabilitation the next time around.

Still, the study of addiction will continue to unveil new discoveries about the nuances of addiction, and drug rehabs will have more information and tools to utilize that aid in the recovery of individuals with chemical dependencies.

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